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Real ways to Save Marketing Expenses without compromising exposure!

Real ways to Save Marketing Expenses without compromising exposure!

The Zero Cost Marketing System is one such answer to a critical need of any business viz.
1.      Need for Marketing of Products and services for survival and growth of the business.
2.      To minimise marketing expenses to attain sustainability to start, run and grow a business.
Every business faces tremendous challenges right from its commencement till the point it is functional and profitable.
In the growing phase every business has a vital challenge of managing limited finances for executing all business activities from:
Product development, Workspace expenses, Employees remunerations, Inventory creation, Marketing and Advertising Expenses, Operational expenses for all the activities over a period of time till the business is profitable.
One of the crucial expenses that all entrepreneurs and business owners have identified is the Business Development and Marketing Expenditure.
It may seem very tight on the limited capital available yet is very important for any venture to actually start earning revenue.
In fact not conducting marketing activities can result in end of sales and actual business in many cases, reversely successfully managing marketing efforts shall result in exceptional success for a venture.
The common perception that lies in many non entrepreneurs or who are yet to start a business venture is that all this is a “big gamble”.
We will agree to the perception in practical sense as; marketing expenses can be very difficult to monitor with respect to “Return on Investment”. Many people and business have been creating systems to tackle the ambiguity of marketing activities and consumer response to it especially which converts all efforts in to sale of any Product/Service.
This need to find an Effective answer to Marketing Activities to become more manageable in terms of resources employed; especially finance with respect to returns, motivated us to research and develop a system for Zero Cost Marketing!
Yes! As the name suggests we have developed a system through which one can do free and continuous marketing of Products and Services.
About the Zero Cost Digital Marketing System!
The system is no miracle nevertheless, not less than one for any business when employed for marketing.
It is an answer to the questions as one faces to Advertise and promote a product and tries to reach potential clients for a product/service.
We have put together the answers with best possible ZERO COST substitutes for otherwise money consuming tasks and processes.
It is simple so it is very effective!
The system is based on practical application of various tools, services and techniques available on internet and on basic computer to start a dynamic and proactive marketing campaign for a business at ZERO COST!
The resources employed other than money would be some time to learn and operate these Tools & Services and Internet and Electricity expenses.
It is that easy!
Of course all the tools and services offered can be upgraded to work more effectively and reduce the operation time invested in running the system with very specific paid options by individual services!
That too is a choice if you wish to ever upgrade!
You can keep on using the free system as long as you wish!
What if some of the services or tools stop functioning or start to charge money for their services?
If this the question that comes to your mind, we too had the same concern and shall be sharing the endless substitutes of the Free tools and services for you to shift if ever any of them does not work for you!
Sounds good? But not easy to believe?
Even though it is true and we have been using and developing it for others also, continuously improving it with better substitutes.
Let us start understanding the Answers to the questions a Marketer/Business faces while doing Marketing!
Zero Cost Marketing System Structure:
As any marketing person or a business person knows;
·        Advertising contributes to a large extent of customer acquisition cost for any product/service.
·        Marketing Strategy plays a deciding role in the success of any marketing campaign for short & long term sales targets to be achieved.
·        Market segmentation as per various relevant and standard criterion contribute to focusing marketing efforts for highest productivity
·        Lastly a thumb rule general to any organisation: “Money Saved is Money Earned”
Keeping the mentioned tenets in perspective we have developed the Zero Cost Marketing System as follows:

Stop Spending For Paid Advertisements!
Use Zero Cost Digital Marketing system!
Increase your marketing exponentially within millions of Target Audience!
Experience automated zero cost marketing within targeted audience on a local, regional, National and global scale!
We offer 2 solutions for you to never spend again.
•          Training Workshop
•          Service Solutions
Zero Cost System for Digital Marketing
•     Free Website
•     Free Social Media Campaigns
•     Free Mass Email campaigns
•     Free Advertising in thousands of sites
•     Free Integration of all online platforms
•     Free Automation of tasks for continuous promotion
•      Free strategy techniques for designing targeted marketing system
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